Registrations extended upto 20th October 2018

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If the content is not submitted at the time of registration , please mail the content to before Oct 24th.

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I intent to participate in the National level Indywood Talent club contest. I hereby agree to abide by all the terms and conditions of the Event Organizers, and further obey their instructions from time to time.I understand that any violation of the aforesaid terms and conditions, or instructions may result in my disqualification and expulsion from the event. I undertake to bear all the cost and expenses for the artistic work/content creating for the contest. I am the original owner who has full rights to submit the works/contents for participating in the event, and the same has not been copied from anywhere. I indemnify the organizers for any claims that may arise as a result of the works submitted by me.I agree to surrender all my IP rights with regard to the content/artistic work to the organizers. I also undertake to execute necessary documents as may be required to transfer my rights to the organizers.I agree that the decision of the organizers and judges shall be final, and I shall not raise any dispute/appeals with regard to their decision. I agree to compensate the organizers for any loss or damages that may cause as a result of my act or omission.