Education is not preparation, it is Life itself! It is our culture, and traditions which build our identity, makes us – 'US'. So, preach what you want to teach your next generation because the greatest natural resource is the minds of our young children.

Team Size         : 5-25 (including all performers and technical team) 
Age Limit          : Upto 30 years old 
Language          : Any language but subtitled to English
Round(s)           : Audition and Finals


Teams will have to shoot an Educational video and have to share the link at the time of registration.
Time limit: 10 Mins.


Topic will be given during the inauguration ceremony of ITH.
Teams will have to shoot a live Educational video at the venue within 48 Hrs. 
Time limit: 10 minutes

Judging Criteria:

Acting, Direction, Screenplay, Ability to convey the message and Overall impact. 
All the performers and technical team will be nominated for the Awards.

General Rules:
  • Registration should be made online. (each member of the team should register separately with their team name)
  • The decision of the judges will be final and binding.
  • Usage of props is allowed. These have to be brought by the teams themselves but the organizers shall hold the discretion of allowing it on venue
  • The participating team will have to use their own equipment for film shooting and editing.
  • No accompanists will be provided by ITH.
  • Shooting can be done only at the venue.
  • The completed short film must be submitted before 48 hr once the topic is given .
  • Submission should be made in a CD in .mp4 format only .
  • Teams must follow Time Limits.
  • Obscenity of any kind is not allowed and will lead to immediate disqualification.


  • Films must be original work of the team and must not infringe third-party's rights.
  • Must be suitable for publication and not contain obscene or indecent material. 
  • Must not contain obscene or pornographic material; may not contain defamatory statements about any person, company, organization or entity.
  • Must not invade privacy or other rights of any person, company or entity.
  • Must not in any other way violate applicable laws and regulations, and may not contain any copyrighted elements not owned by the team.
  • Films containing prohibited or inappropriate content as determined by the ITH team, in its sole discretion, to be inappropriate will be disqualified.

Terms & Conditions

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Script Writer
Music Director
DOP (Director Of Photography)
Art Director
Production Controller
VFX Designer
Casting Director
Location Manager
Sound Designer (SFX)
Hair & Makeup
Music Conductor/Arranger
Sound Engineer
Screen play
Background Score
Best Conceptual Picture
Best Lighting and Composition
Candid Photography
Event Photography
Most Intelligent