"Conflict is what creates a drama. The more conflict the actor finds, the more interesting the performance."
Enact in a live performance to tell intriguing stories, express your feelings and explore your repertoire of dramatic roles.

Team Size: Individual 
Language: English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu & Kannada
Age Limit: Upto 30 years old 
Round(s): Audition and Finals


Participants has to share a link of a recorded audio performance on his/her desired topic at the time of registration
Time limit: 2 minutes.


Participant has to perform for 2 minutes continuously on a given topic
physical appearance doesn't matter. 

Judging Criteria:

Clarity of voice, Language fluency, Multi Linguistic, Unique style and Delivery, Ability to reach out to the audience, Spontaneous response.

General Rules:
  • The decision of the judges will be final.
  • Violation of the rules will lead to disqualification.
  • Obscenity of any kind is not allowed and will lead to immediate disqualification.
  • Participants should follow the time limits.

Tearms & Conditions

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