The Talent Hunt is a journey with a unique combination of entertainment, joy, competition, sportive spirit and learning .This is what made it a successful event in itself. With at most individuality, the Indywood Talent Hunt team will be able to carry out competitions amongst truly enthusiastic youngsters in almost various categories which will act as a platform for these young minds to test their talents and compete with others to find out their true potential. These competitions will also act as a wonderful learning experience for everyone as the panel of jury members will be high-class position holders in their field of work who will be judging their decisions correctly and motivating the participants to give their best shot.

  • To make it as the biggest event of youngsters
  • To act as a gateway for young talents
  • To have participation from all the collages in India
  • To act as an epic for film fraternity
  • To act as a hub for various talents
  • To promote talent hunt as a global film tourism destination

Unique Feather

Even though, the Indywood Film Carnival had some major events lined up such as the Golden Frame Awards, International Film Business Awards, Miss Indywood Beauty Pageant and most importantly The All Lights International Film Festival, one event which will completely stole the show on all the four days of the carnival is The Indywood Talent Hunt.

Key Attraction
  • Crowd of youngsters
  • Colorful events
  • Fresh ideas
  • Socializing
  • Interactions
  • Bunch of talents
  • Creativity
  • Film fraternities
  • Film tourism destination
  • The best learning and fun experiences


Indywood Talent Hunt aims to provide the young talented people with a platform and a stage to showcase their talents in front of that film fraternity who would be testing their potential to bring out the best out of them. When the mere aim of an event is to promote young talents and establish them, then this becomes a noble work . The theater of ideas and the screening of some of the most amazing creative souls will what the Indywood Talent Hunt gave rise to making the participants realize that yes, even they are capable of reaching the stars as the ladder of success is never crowded at the top.

Benefits for the students
  • Good platform to showcase talent.
  • Chances of personal interaction with eminent personalities.
  • Good technique to learn team work and leadership skills.
  • Proper recognition and appreciation for their talents
  • Amazing mentors.

With the addition of some changes in categories for people to compete with each other in a very sophisticated and sportive manner, this event is been brought out in a better way and could also be the place which would be later blessed as being the first step of an enthusiast towards the sparkling success of the film industry. Not only this, there is something more than just a competitive feel which the people present at the event shared. It was the happiness of making new friends, socializing and meeting new people, getting guidance and getting mentored by some amazing People.

INDYWOOD Film Carnival

Indywood Film Carnival, the ultimate film carnival in the world, celebrated the very best of World cinema. The event was organized under the patronage of Chief Minister of Telangana, K. Chandrasekha Rao, at the world's largest integrated film studio – Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad

The 4 day event comprised of 15major events including All Lights India International Film Festival, Indywood Film Market, Media Interactions, Conferences & Panel Discussions, Workshops & Seminars, Film Business Quiz, Indywood Talent Hunt, Miss Indywood Beauty Pageant 2017, Indywood Film Business Awards, Golden Frame Awards, Red Carpet & Networking Events, Product & Project Launches, Indywood Excellence Awards (Media, Maritime Medical and CSR, Film Tourism and Investors Meet. The carnival saw participation of 2700 delegates from 73 countries, presence of over 200+ investors, 110 exhibitors, 25+ film associations, 20+ film commission & Tourism Boards, 50+ International Buyers and Sales Agents, 40+ sessions conducted by 150+ panelists, 135 film screenings, 500+ companies, 300+ international awards, 500+ student participation and over 10,000 footfalls. The carnival also became a platform for companies to enter 4 million USD film deals. Attendees included film industry professionals and business heads, entrepreneurs, film journalists, media experts, industry aspirants and thousands of film enthusiasts from all corners of the world.

Many prominent names joined the carnival, from across borders, breaking conventional finesse of movie making all while embracing its unique cultural and linguistic diaspora. Exploring regional cinema industry, Indywood Film Carnival successfully brought together the state's cultural and diverse forms of aesthetic contents all under one single roof. Indywood Film Carnival –Celebrate the Culture!